10,000 Upstate New York Shelter Pets Fed Free of Charge! 

PetSaver Healthy Pet Superstore has committed to donating all of the dog and cat food fed at Lollypop Farm and Rochester Animal Services.

“It’s been a long time dream of ours to be able to provide this program to Lollypop Farm and Rochester Animal Services,” said Russ Herman, owner and CEO of PetSaver, a locally owned chain of pet stores in Rochester. “This helps free up resources for all of the services that they provide.”

Every year, these two shelters care for and find homes for more than 10,000 pets, which consume over 50,000 pounds of food per year.



PetSaver was able to finally put this program together through a cooperative program with “Grandma Mae’s Country Natural Pet Food” Triumph Pet Food, Lads Pet Supplies and through donations from PetSaver customers.

“We needed a little help from our customers to make this program go,” Herman said. “We came up with an innovative way of allowing our customers to donate their Loyalty Points—and not cash donations—to help fund this.  Their response was overwhelming and allowed us to fully fund the food donations.”

Alice Calabrese, president/CEO of Lollypop Farm, said: “We are very grateful to have such a generous partner in our community. Thanks to the donation of PetSaver Healthy Pet Superstore, we can ensure nutritious food is provided to the animals surrendered into our care.  We applaud the entire PetSaver team and their customers for their donations and compassion to help thousands of homeless pets in our community.”

Chris Fitzgerald, Shelter Director for Rochester Animal Services, agreed. “Providing nutrition is a major component in caring for shelter animals as they await reunion with owners or adoption into new homes,” Fitzgerald said. “Getting this type of support from partner organizations means funds otherwise allocated for pet food can be used for other operating expenses such as additional veterinary supplies, shelter enrichment and pet retention.”


Through its Responsible Pet Owners Club, PetSaver also supports people who adopt pets through a local shelter. Pet adopters are given free food and discounts on supplies that they need to get started. PetSaver also donates $10 back to the rescue organization when redeemed by the adopter.

Last year, PetSaver rewarded more than 1,000 pet adopters through this program.

“It was helpful to use the coupons and discounts for the new kitty,” said PetSaver customer Jodie Brown of Irondequoit. “It was quite an incentive to adopt a cat. Any way to save money is helpful.”

PetSaver partners with Lollypop Farm and has adoption centers in all three of its stores. Hundreds of cats, rabbits and guinea pigs are adopted out each year at PetSaver. In addition, many Rochester rescue groups hold adoption events most every weekend at the stores.

“It’s heartbreaking to see all of the animals that need homes in our area.” Herman said. “The best way to find homes for these pets is to get them in front of potential adopters. We love partnering with these local rescues to help with the homeless pet problem.”

To help the homeless pet situation, you can:

  • Have your pets spayed/neutered. If you qualify financially, there are programs to assist you with this.
  • Become a foster home. Temporary homes take the pressure off of shelters and help socialize those pets.
  • Volunteer. Most all of the shelters need people to volunteer; contact them for more information.
  • Donate. Every little bit helps.
  • Adopt. It’s a major responsibility, but pets will give you a lifetime of love.

This story is provided and presented by PetSaver Healthy Pet Superstore.


PetSaver creates and supports programs Such as Responsible Pet Owner Club that save the lives of homeless pets, raise awareness of companion animal welfare issues and promote healthy relationships between people and pets through:Training, adoption, spay/neuter initiatives, in store discount vaccination clinic, and many Rochester pet events. Each year, PetSaver makes substantial donations to Lollypop Farm, Rochester Animal Services, and many other pet rescue groups. With donations to these groups, they can afford to buy other supplies to help take care of pets awaiting forever homes.

PetSaver is honored to help local pet-related fundraisers with raffle baskets for events. If you are looking for a donation for a local pet event, please contact us!